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Guaranteed Success


Schematic Design Phase (SD)

  • Review client's requirements for the project.

  • Counsel on general plan and MEP system design of the project to suit client's needs.

  • Prepare schematic design studies illustrating the scope of the project MEP systems.

  • Assist the client in determining the compatibility of the project MEP system needs and his/her budget.

Design Development Phase (DD)

  • Prepared from approved Schematic Design Studies, the Design Development Documents consist of additional drawings and specifications which begin to establish the size and character of the project. Included in these documents are the mechanical and electrical systems and other essential elements that are appropriate to the project design.

Construction Documents Phase (CD)

  • Prepared from the approved Design Development Documents, these are complete working drawings and specifications describing in detail the work to be done to construct the MEP portion of the project.

  • Prepare necessary bidding information as it pertains to the MEP systems.

Permitting Phase (PM)

  • Assist the client in filing the proper documentation and securing the necessary approvals of government and other agencies having jurisdiction over the project.

Bidding or Negotiation Phase (BN)

  • Assist the client in securing bids or negotiated proposals for construction based on the construction documents.

  • Assist the client in evaluating proposals and furnish the client with information for preparing and awarding the construction contract(s).

Administration of the Construction Contract during the Construction Phase (CA)

  • Provide administration of the construction contract as may be required by the contract or client. Make periodic visits to the site to determine that the work is proceeding in accordance with contract documents.

  • Based upon visits to the site and contractor's application for payment, Pack Engineering, Inc. will review certificates recommending payment by the client to the contractor for work done on project.

  • Interpret the construction documents to the contractor as necessary.

  • Review shop drawings and submittals submitted by the contractor and approve those which comply with the requirements of the construction documents.

  • Determine the dates of substantial and final completion based upon inspections



Guaranteed Success


  • Medium Voltage Distribution System

  • Power and Lighting Design

  • Photometric Analysis

  • Low Impedance Grounding Systems

  • Lightning Protection Systems

  • Transient Voltage Surge Suppression Systems

  • Data/Communication Cabling Systems

  • Fire Alarm Systems

  • Daylight Harvesting System 

  • ​Lighting Control Systems


  • HVAC Design                

  • Thermal Storage Systems 

  • Solar Shading Studies

  • Energy Code ComplianceSystems

  • Life-Cycle Operating AnalysisSystems

  • Heat/Energy Recovery Systems

  • Low Temperature Air Systems Design

  • Central Plant Design

  • Steam Generation and Distribution Systems



  • Domestic Hot Water Systems

  • Sanitary Waste and Ventilation Systems

  • Gas Distribution Systems

  • Water Treatment Systems

  • Fire Sprinkler Systems

  • Storm Water Systems


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